P.U.L.L. Kennett Square

(Pop Up Lending Library)

For Our Community to Succeed, We Must PULL Together to Read!

"The PULL project in Kennett Square has been a practical and magical success from its inception to its final realization. People readily joined the effort with gratitude and joy. Within hours of each box being placed and filled kids ran up and gleefully took a book and smiling at their treasure. We could say with pride: Yes! you can have that book! It’s yours! And our community said YES a common purpose - to share the wonder and excitement of a simple book."

quote from Laura Florence from her letter from the Heart submitted to ERCC about collaboration with AHHAH.  

Expansion of PULL to Kennett Square

Spring of 2017


Jessica Hall, an 8th grader at the time at Charles F. Patton Middle School, in Unionville saw information about AHHAH and the PULL campaign in Coatesville.  Jessica met with Jan Michener, AHHAH's Founder and Executive Director, and asked if she could paint 10 indoor PULL Stations for Kennett Square locations for a Silver Awards project for Girl Scouts.  Jessica, not only painted 10 PULL Stations, she also created bilingual posters and bookmarks and gathered 1000 books for the PULL Stations. 

Fall of 2017


With the help of Joan Holiday of Kennett Square Kindergarten Readiness Project, 10 locations were identified in Kennett and the boxes and books were delivered.


They are: 


Tick Tock Learning Center, Kennett Food Cupboard, La Communidad Hispania, Kennett Brewing Company,  Kennett Square Liberty Laundromat, Kennett Laundromat, Kennett Square Farmer's Market, LaPena Mexicana Restaurant, Ranchero El Mexican Restaurant, Liberty Place, Hong Kong Buffet and LaMichoacana Ice Cream.

Spring of 2018 

Upland Country Day School built an outdoor PULL Station for the Kennett Y and installed the station.

August 2018


AHHAH received a grant from the Longwood Rotary to buy materials for 10 more outdoor PULL Stations.

Fall 2018


AHHAH partnered with the Kennett Library on the expansion of the PULL campaign to bring awareness of the campaign, get book donations, identify locations for the outdoor PULL Stations.  The Kennett Library is a Donation station for books.


AHHAH presented to the Kennett Arts and Cultural Committee to find artists who want to help design and paint the outdoor PULL Stations.


Ben Friedman, a freshman at Unionville High School is working with Upland Country Day School and other Boy Scouts to earn his Eagle status by building 4 PULL Stations for the Kennett Square area.


Octorara High School is building 3 PULL Stations for Kennett Square and 1 for Parkesburg Point


Crosslands Senior Community resident, Julie Noolan, made a donation to AHHAH and bought the materials for 3 PULL Stations to be built by Crosslands that were then donated to the Kennett Square community.

Jan spoke at Kendal Senior Community the beginning of October and shared the PULL Campaign.  3 residents made generous donations so we can expand this campaign even further.  Jim Hazard, the head of the Kendal wood working department has built a PULL Station out of Cypress which is the wood used in the mushroom farms for its durability and then were painted by well known artists.  Robert Jackson painted the one that was installed in the Genesis Walkway, Roberta Little painted the one installed on the site of the future new Kennett Library on State Street, Carol Lesher painted the one installed by the sidewalk at Friends Home in Kennett and LeeLee Galer is doing a sculpture installation on the one that will be installed at The Garage in Kennett. Youth groups were artists of several of the boxes.  After the Bell, the after school program at Kennett Middle School created a mosaic design for the box installed at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, The Garage is doing a collage design for the box that will be installed at the Kennett Head Start Center. Youth at After-the Bell at Kennett Middle School will be painting one being planted at South and Union near the Kennett High School.  Seniors at the Kennett Area Senior Center will be painting one that will be planted at Walnut and Birch which is down the street from the Senior Center. This has been an intergenergational and multi-school collaboration using art and literacy to build a caring and creative community that supports all children. 


"Kennett Square has truly embraced this campaign and embodies AHHAH's belief that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and achieve their highest capacity and it takes a COMMUNITY working together to make this a reality."


- Jan Michener, Founder and Executive Director of AHHAH