P.U.L.L. Coatesville

(Pop Up Lending Library)

PULL Together Coatesville - Where It All Began

PULL Together Coatesville - Where It All Began

AHHAH conceived and spearheaded a grass roots campaign to put 100 lending libraries, called PULL Stations, throughout the 19320 (Coatesville) municipality in locations where children gather both indoors and outdoors. AHHAH coordinated community workshops to build, design, paint and install the PULL Stations throughout Coatesville. Our Reading Ambassadors Programs are designed to create intergenerational efforts to increase literacy in Coatesville. 

Why We Need PULL

Why We Need PULL

Why We Need PULL

A child's ability to read impacts their ability to succeed. Reading below grade level lowers a child’s chances of completing their education and succeeding and it increases their chances of dropping out of school and being incarcerated.


Over 1/3 of our children in the CASD are reading and writing below grade level.


Over half of our children in the CASD come from economically disadvantaged families.  Many of our children are not being exposed to enough words and reading before age 5, when the brain is most malleable. By the time they enter school, they already have an academic disadvantage.  Many families in Coatesville have experienced generational poverty and generational incarceration, which is traumatic for both the family and children and can lead to social and behavioral problems which further affect one’s ability to learn to read.


We know that everyone, on every level has the capacity to support early childhood literacy. No matter who you are, no matter what your story in life is, we know that picking up a book can change it. 

Do you have any children's books around the house?  Would you like to join our mission as a PULL Volunteer? 

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Sarah McCafferty 
Mother of 2 kids 
Long-time Coatesville Resident
I want to be involved & give back to the community
I believe literacy is important
Avid reader
Practice yoga & qigong

Graduated with BS in Elementary Education from Penn State University, Graduated with a Master's Degree from Wilmington University for Applied Educational Technology. Taught preschool, kindergarten, second, third & fifth grades through a span of 18 years, Currently training to become a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist.

PULLs - I love the Pop Up Lending Libraries (PULLs) around town because they promote learning in a way that has no strings attached. No tests, projects, or evaluation, just learning for the sake of being fun and interesting. 

Books that have been sitting neglected in attics or basements just taking up space become immediately more valuable in the PULLS because kids are excited to read them. We are reusing books in a meaningful way. PULLs are located outside and also inside local businesses along Lincoln Highway. Business owners in Coatesville have been very supportive of literacy efforts.

Children's Summer Reading Series - the officers the Coatesville Police Department and the folks at the Library have been supportive. Police officers have been very willing to read aloud at Storytimes during the AHHAH children's summer Reading Series at the Coatesville Public Library. The Saturday morning volunteers at food truck from the Chester County Food Bank enthusiastically advertised the storytimes for us also. 

The PULL team - I feel fortunate to have help filling up the PULLs. I couldn't do this alone. Betty Eshun helps sort and label books every week at Gordon Early Literacy Center. And Peter DiMaio and Ginger Whitmer collect donations and faithfully distribute books to outdoor PULLs monthly. We can always count on them. Other community members have also supported us by dropping by to lend an extra hand or to deliver books. Families are reading together, kids are practicing words, and these are good things.