• Rhonda Craven

Voices Of Restorative Justice Poem 2


By Donnie, age 19, a youth in detention at CCYC

Do you know what I overcame?

I overcame the bullies,

The abuse,

The loss of family and close friends.

You’re going to know my name

Cause I’m going to get off probation,

Go to the navy,

Follow my Dad’s family’s footstep.

Get married,

Have a happy family

Without worrying about the

Pain and Depression

I’ve gone through,

All the struggles I’ve been through.

Try not to go into the negatives.

I overcame

Everything in my life.

Trying to avoid the shame,

Light the flame inside me.

I rewrote the game.

Chapter One:

My Life

How I came

This far.


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