• Rhonda Craven

The Kindergarten Readiness Project

In writing the book, “The Story of Kennett: Shaping Our Future One Child at a Time," (available on Amazon ) Bob George and Joan Holliday discovered that Kennett Square has a large pre-school population that has formidable barriers to overcome to start kindergarten on an even playing field. They also experienced the broad band of caring that the Kennett area community has for the child. With this documented awareness, a network of over twenty agencies, which interface early childhood services have joined to form a pilot project with the Kennett School District to meet the need of preparing students and families for entry into school; aka “The Kindergarten Readiness Project.”

One of the agencies, Chester County Maternal Child Health Consortium has partnered with the Kennett School District to provide Parenting Classes on Tuesdayevenings from 6-8pm for twelve weeks at the Mary D Lang Center. Superintendent, Dr. Barry Tomasetti supports the research that the parent child relationship before formal school is instrumental to the child’s success in school. He and Principal, April Reynolds also want families to feel welcomed into the community, so opens up the Center for the classes to build relationships with the staff. The Kindergarten Readiness Project as a whole has adopted the slogan: “Learning begins at birth; School begins at home.”

The KRP is also promoting literacy and the love of books from early childhood onward. A local agency, RSVP is the provider of the Lucky the Reader training, which promotes parent and child reading together. In collaboration and support of this effort, AHHAH has brought twelve pop up lending libraries (PULL) to the town of Kennett, through Jessica Hall, a Girl Scout, who has collected the books, created artistic boxes with book marks and posters. Families will have easy access to a large assortment of pre-school books.


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