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Spotlight On PULL - Artist Torrey Kist

The inspiration Was a fusion of the Anson B Nixon Park and my love for classic children’s literature. Location was key for me as we live two blocks from the beautiful park and use it regularly. It was the ideal and only spot I wanted to represent.

I love the idea of incorporating popular children’s literature characters into local settings- and it was a true pleasure to conceptualize the compositions of this box! I tried to pick characters who matched a variety of requirements:

a) recognizable to a range of ages

b) my kids knew the books well from which they were derived

c) they made sense in be setting of the park. Imagining how the characters interacted with the environment and one another was quite fun. The scale was fun too; I typically don’t paint on smaller surfaces or even illustratively- they change of style was really refreshing and made me want to paint more this vein!

Lastly, I wanted children to love looking at it and engage more than a few seconds. I think of library as a treasure hunt on a mini mural- hopefully the structure will last as it took me 100 hours! :)

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