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Jessica Hall Bringing PULL to Kennett

Jessica Hall from Girl Scout Troop 4711 has been working hard on her Silver Award project! Jessica partnered with AHHAH to bring literacy and awareness to Kennett Square with the PULL Campaign! She has been busy collecting, sorting, and labeling books and making beautiful book boxes.

The Girl Scout Silver Award project is the highest award that a Cadette can earn. This project is about making positive changes making a community better in the process. She has accomplished that and more!

Jessica also created posters and bookmarks, both in English and Spanish, to put into each book at each PULL Station. We are SO proud of her accomplishments and grateful to her for her dedication and creativity! Jessica truly has a bright future ahead of her!

Here is her story:

I started this project in late November 2017. The first time I met Jan Michener, the founder of AHHAH, I was drawn in when she talked with such passion about what she and AHHAH did. When she told me about how some kids were at a disadvantage going into school because they didn’t have access to enough books, I knew how important it was; books shaped my life as a child, so much so that I now aspire to be an author. I knew that this project was going to be something special and lasting, not just an experience for me but for everyone it would impact.

My goal was to create ten free lending libraries, called “Take a Book, Read a Book, Leave a Book Boxes”, to establish in Kennett Square.

One of the first steps was to gather books, so I reached out to family friends, extended family, teachers, and school friends. I soon collected donations large and small from so many people, and I ended up receiving close to a thousand books! Some of my friends volunteered their time to help me sort the books and paint the lending libraries, and I couldn’t have done it without all their help. I recently delivered all ten of the boxes with the help of my mom, Jan Michener, and Joan Holliday, and all of the locations were very happy to host the libraries. One of the sites in particular, the Kennett Launder Center, gave us a very warm welcome and was thrilled to have a lending library in their building. While we were there a young girl took a book home, and knowing the library was already doing its job made me feel so proud and happy.


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